My alma mater, Bishop Kelly High School, has opened an entirely new wing of the campus dedicated to science and technology. The wing is pretty impressive and certainly compliments the caliber of academic excellence that Bishop Kelly already offers.

Having graduated from Bishop Kelly, I can say first hand that the education and the opportunities offered are unparalleled. Without BK, I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared for college as I was nor as socially aware for the real world. Seeing the school grow not just into a large facility, but into the largest student body in the school's history, is always exciting news for me.

This new science and technology wing, named after the late Father Wilson, is home to 11 state-of-the-art labs, a gathering space, a machine shop, and more. I never was and still am not the most science savvy person--but growing up, many of my friends WERE the ones building gadgets at BK and I'm sure they're envious of this new addition!

Idaho's News Channel 7 caught some footage and a great first look at the new wing- you can see that, HERE.

Bishop Kelly is a private high school without state and federal funding--meaning tuition must be charged for attendance. I always like sharing that had scholarships not been available, I never could have attended BK.  If you have kids interested in advancing their experience at school and maybe this new wing excites them--there ARE many opportunities for financial aid! Learn more about that, HERE.

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