It was a cold evening in the Treasure Valley and I had been inside of a police cruiser for several hours. No, I wasn't arrested--but we were taking a friendly ride-along with the Ada County Sheriff's Office that day. Everyone was on their best behavior--not even a speeding ticket was called for! Suddenly, everything changed when a stolen vehicle was identified and we were the lead car in a high speed pursuit in Meridian, Idaho. It was absolutely crazy.

The driver was wanted and eventually, he was arrested.

Of course, with growth here in the Treasure Valley has come a real uptick in crime since the year 1999. In fact, Boise has it's very own "Most Wanted" list that you can see, below: 

LOOK: These 19 People Are Boise's Most Wanted

Yes, even here in the Treasure Valley where crime isn't so rampant, there is a most wanted list. According to the Southwest Idaho Crime Stoppers, these are the most wanted of them all. So many of these mugshots are from Ada and Canyon Counties. Do you recognize anyone?

Even now, high speed chases like the one that we got to ride-along with.

A crazy video has surfaced of a high speed chase that takes you through the streets of Boise in 1999, via a dashboard cam. There is a narrator (which is also funny to listen to) and so it must have been from some sort of televised police show at the time.

Want to check out this crazy throwback of a high speed chase? See it for yourself, below: 


While you're playing detective, we should tell you that there is a ridiculous amount of unsolved crime here in the Treasure Valley, too. You can see some of the crimes that Boise Police are hoping you can help solve, below: 

These 20 Crimes Are Still Unsolved in Boise

Can you identify anyone in these photos or surveillance videos? The Boise Police Department is hoping that you can give them a tip leading to more information! Who would have thought that the City of Boise would have so many unsolved crimes!

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