Summer is winding down in the Treasure Valley which most likely will put me into Fall depression. That lasts for a few seconds and then it's time to get ready for all the Fall fun like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These last few weekends are a perfect time to catch an outdoor movie in Meridian, head out to the Western Idaho Fair or take a hike up Table Rock. I use to live off Parkcenter with a corner apartment that faces the cross on Table Rock. I loved being able to walk out on my patio see it shining at night. It really always gave me a sense of home when I saw and not sure why.

My wife took our kids out of town to visit her parents last weekend and I made it a point to run up the rock! You forget how beautiful that view is and also hard that run can be. I would gauge how in shape I was by hard far I could get without having to stop and walk. I obviously have a lot of work to do!

I took some photos of Table Rock because there's a lot of history up there. Some people may have made the hike or the drive but might not know it all. There some pretty art and a lot of graffiti including history that surrounds the top. I've seen fires, break-ups, engagements, and beautiful sunsets right at the top. You might wanna keep an eye out for those rattlesnakes too 🐍True story.

This just might be a good end of Summer bucket list to-do. Here are some photos and be safe.

Table Rock 2019


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