Once again, the internet is eating up a totally hilarious video that has surfaced and yes...it was filmed in Boise. Here we go again, Idaho!

As you may know, downtown Boise is currently hosting the Big Sky basketball tournament and with all of these games (there have been a ton) come a lot of school spirit. What's a college basketball game without a mascot--or better yet, a mascot battle!?

Last year, a crazy shot had the tournament going crazy online. This year, it's something new...

Well, it wasn't a buzzer beater but footage from downtown Boise's Big Sky Conference Championships is once again making its rounds on the internet...

Mascots in Boise Leave Internet in Tears [of Laughter]

It's the last thing we would expect to see hit the internet from Idaho but here we are...

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We have no idea what got into the mascots but it seems that they wanted to have some fun, too! Who is supervising these wild animals!?

You might think that mascots aren't supposed to get along, but it seems that all of these days hanging out in Boise has NAU's Lumberjack and Montana's Grizzly getting along quite well.

Check out the videos below: 



    The Big Sky Conference has since released the new angle...      


Are you interested in checking out some basketball (or mascot) action in downtown Boise this week? There's one more game on Wednesday, March 13th. For tickets and info, click HERE.

For a closer look at the tournament, check out the photos below:

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