Finding a furry friend on the side of the street is nothing new to Boise. For the most part, they are always extremely friendly and love to be pet. But apparently friendly stray cats aren’t the only animals looking for attention around Boise. A raccoon believe it or not was sighted on Boise State University campus just looking to be pet and played with.

A Friendly Raccoon Hanging Out At Boise State.

He just wants to play!

A couple of students ran into the friendly raccoon who was absolutely dying for attention. The raccoon ran up to them later into the night and was jumping around extremely excited to meet some new friends. He was so extremely excited to have met the students who were just as excited to meet him.

One thing’s for sure, this raccoon was not camera shy and ran up to it in the grass loving that the camera was on him. This raccoon had talents that some would compare to a dog. He rolled over and just waited for his belly to be rubbed. He ran around but didn’t run away and he didn’t even bite the students!

While we don’t suggest playing with raccoons on a daily basis who knows what other kinds of animals could be lurking around just waiting to be played with! One thing’s for sure this raccoon is just as friendly as everyone else who lives in Boise. If you see this little guy be careful but maybe catch a video of this little raccoon who loves to show off his tricks.

Watch the video for yourself below: 


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