It's true and entirely possible.  Is Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency likely? Definitely not--but yes, it can still happen.

After seeing protests and rallies around Boise, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond, I wondered--there's NO way for Donald Trump to lose his title of "President-Elect", right?  Well after some digging and much to my surprise, I found out he CAN.

Donald Trump is President-Elect because he won the necessary 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.  The catch, however, is that those electoral votes haven't even been cast yet.

Each State has "electors"--people selected by state political party officials to represent them. Those electors, also known as the Electoral College, will vote on December 19th for the President of the United States of America.

Here's the catch: neither federal law or the Constitution of the United States requires these electors to vote for the candidate that actually won their state. This means they can absolutely change their mind or vote for who they see more fit.  Millions are calling for electors to vote for Clinton, arguing that Trump is "unfit."

The chances of Hillary Clinton winning are next to none, however I thought it was extremely interesting to see how our election system is built.  In 9 of the last 17 elections, as least ONE elector has changed their vote as, what is assumed to be, a political statement more than anything.

Should we expect a change in who our next President will be? Probably not.  Could a lot happen between now and December 19th? Absolutely.

The more 'ya know.  I mean, they probably taught us this in high school American Government class but who remembers that long ago!?

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