The Idaho Statesman is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. That's their statement on their website as of last night at about 5:30 p.m. Their decision wasn't based on what we would automatically assume. 

In a statement posted from the Idaho Statesman on, they say:

We recognize a lot of you are not going to like our choice of a Democrat in this Republican state — where Sen. Ted Cruz won the GOP primary in a landslide and where Sen. Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Clinton in the Democratic caucus. But our hope is that you will consider our reasoning before critiquing our conclusion. At this critical time in our nation’s history, we need, more than ever, to listen to each other with respect.

Even though Donald Trump won the Republican nomination fair and square, his checkered past, vague policies and divisive statements have never convinced us that he is, indeed, a Republican. This is borne out by a growing list of GOP icons — generals, former presidents, former Cabinet members, national security experts and Republicans in Congress — who, like us, are convinced Trump’s allegiances begin and end with himself.

This year's election is history-making for reasons we couldn't have ever predicted. Read the entire statement and reasons why HERE.

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