On top of it being Mexican Independence Day, we're celebrating guacamole, too.

Cue that crazy guacamole lady...right? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click HERE.

I stumbled across a tweet this evening that pointed out today is one of the best days of the year-- or rather, a day we celebrate one of the greatest inventions of all time: guacamole.  There was a meme going around in my social media circles a few days ago that just felt SO TRUE. It was a chip with barely anything on it labeled "as a kid" next to a chip COVERED in salsa and guac labeled "now".  It's totally the truth. I remember being terrified of that chunky green dip as a kid. Now, I can't hardly go without it. That's right, I'm ballin' out and paying an extra dollar for a scoop of this green goodness when I hit up Chipotle.

While it may be a little late in the day to head out anywhere and grab a serving of guacamole, I'm wondering: where do you get your favorite guac?

While I wait to hear from you about YOUR suggestions, here are MY favorite spots to grab some chips and guacamole!

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    I just splurged and got some of this table-side goodness on Friday last week! The table-side guacamole here is levels above any that I have ever had anywhere else. If you're like me, you will want to order it EXTRA spicy!

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    El Gallo Giro

    The crew at El Gallo in downtown Boise makes some mean guac that you can dip your chips into or even better, have spread across your enchiladas. You've got to try it.

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    Tin Roof Tacos

    This one is a guilty pleasure because it's so close to my office and it's super cheap. Walk out with a few scoops of guac and chips for nothing! Then again their street tacos are to die for...you better get some on those, too!

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