I'm not sure who could let this marvelous day pass them by--but yours truly totally just found out that today is National Spicy Guacamole Day!  Does normal, non-spicy guac have a day, too? I'm not sure.  But nonetheless, a celebration is in order for Boise's best guacamole!

Below you'll find my top 3 guacamole serving establishments in the area--but I GUARANTEE you've got yours, too! Let me know which places I'm missing and which places I NEED to check out.

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    Barbacoa has my FAVORITE guac in all of the Treasure Valley! Order it extra spicy and let them make it right in front of you. I'd highly suggest checking out their happy hour, getting those 2 for 1 drinks, and partaking in some chips and guac.

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    Matador in downtown Boise, since I have learned how late they're open, has become a favorite stop of mine. Their chips are on point and their guac meets the perfect line between "too chunky" and "too mushy".  I've never ordered spicy here, but I'm sure they can make it happen.

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    Located on Main street across from that new bus tunnel in downtown Boise, a friend and I checked this place out a few weeks ago and their guac totally blew me away. The flavor was so good! A little chunkier that I typically like, the cilantro totally made up for it. I highly suggest paring with a local brew.

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