I finally saw one today near Vista Avenue: a low flying helicopter. Random? Yes. Timely? Also yes.

I noticed this was all over social media last night and it seems everyone has come to the same conclusion on what is going on.  Folks all over the Treasure Valley have been posting photos of helicopters that seem to be flying REAL low to the ground around town. Boise Police Department doesn't operate any and from what we've seen--there haven't been any crazy high speed chases here in the Treasure Valley. SO...what's with the choppers?

I'm seeing the same answer all over social media but I'm wondering if you know anything about this. According to most, it appears that these choppers are inspecting power lines from above.  It certainly seems that would be easier than driving a truck with a lift all over town.

Have you seen any of these low flying helicopters this week? More photos below:


Credit: Del Burchfield via Boise Bench Dwellers+
Credit: Jason Hammerling via Boise Bench Dwellers
Credit: Lauren Studley, via Boise Bench Dwellers


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