Idaho's unusually snowy winter has taken a huge toll on roofs of Walmarts, storage sheds and more.  On Thursday, one of those roof collapses devastated the small town of Weiser.

Despite efforts of employees who tried clear the roof when they heard it making cracking noises, the roof of Ridley's Family Market collapsed on Thursday.  Ridley's is the town's only grocery store.

Fortunately, Ridley's won't be down and out very long! According to Channel 2, Weiser Memorial Hospital was in the process of locking down a lease of an old department store where they'd plan to install office spaces for their records and billing department.  The hospital's big wigs got together and decided to donate that space to Ridley's to reopen and service the community of 5,300. They're welcome to stay there until the roof is repaired.

Until Ridley's moves in, residents have to drive at least 15 miles to the nearest grocery store or buy their goods from small convince stores and delis.

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