It's not super uncommon to read a headline like "Boise hits record high this winter."
Sure, we can understand that happening. To the best of our knowledge, the Earth's temperatures fluctuate, so we kinda get it.

But how in the absolute ever-loving hell did Boise have both a record high temperature and near-record snowfall in January? How is this even possible? Is the end of all things? Is Earth just pissed off?

Let's go through the numbers below real quick:

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First of all, January of 2024 has been one of the snowiest Januarys Boise has ever experienced. We were less than 5" of snowfall away from breaking the record set way back in 1929.

This is where it gets weird.

Yesterday, January 29th, 2024, was the hottest January 29th ever for Boise. We hit 58 degrees yesterday, while that previous record sat at a paltry 56 degrees.

So, to summarize, we hit near-record snowfall and one of the highest temperatures ever for January. That really doesn't sound good.

Is this simply global warming doing that weird dance it does? Is this a totally natural thing for Boise to be going through? Do you get that weird twitch in your eyelid every time it's about to snow? Maybe you know something we don't.

When the snow hits us again, make sure you're prepared. There is a reason you see more cars and trucks stuck in a ditch during a snowstorm than cars and small passenger vehicles.

We're not saying it's the drivers, but it's absolutely totally the drivers.

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