It's simply one of the most anticipated and picture perfect nights of the entire year. Yes, we're talking about Night Glow at Ann Morrison Park near downtown Boise and we're honored to be a part of it.

For years, the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic has been a staple in the Treasure Valley. It's a sign that fall is coming, summer is closing out, and it just gives everyone a sense of hope and awe.

If you have been out and about in the Treasure Valley this week, especially during the morning hours, odds are you have seen the beautiful balloons going up into the sky and hovering all over the place. All sorts of shapes and colors are filling the sky, daily. The fun doesn't last long, though--it all ends on Sunday morning after the final launch.

If you want to know where you can catch the balloons over the weekend without even needing to get out of your car-- please check out this list we made, below!

5 Best Places To Watch Boise's Hot Air Balloons

Yes, they've taken over the city's skyline this week--but where can you get the best look? Check out these top five suggestions.

If you're up for a nighttime spectacle, however-- have you made plans to join the Night Glow event on Friday, September 3rd yet? 

It's going to be an absolutely amazing time and if you've never been before, add this to your "Boise Bucketlist" if you will. As the sun goes down, several hot air balloons will stay grounded in the park and light up the night sky--and park--for all to enjoy. It's always a favorite for kids...and Instagram users!

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