A bill that has been on the mind of Idahoans for years is now heading to the full House for a vote after being approved in a 9-5.  The bill is sponsored by Democratic Representative Elaine Smith of Pocatello.The proposed legislation would allow first responders to save lives of animals who have been locked in cars whether it's hot or cold.  This is the second attempt at passing the 'Dog and Cat Rescue Act.'  The first attempt failed last year due to critics saying it was too broad, reports KPVI.

Representative Smith explains why this bill is necessary in the Gem State. “The ‘hot dog’ bill is a necessary protection for our furry friends.” She explained. “Our first responders need to have the ability to save a life in an emergency. When they see a dog or cat who is in danger, they must have all the tools necessary to make the best decisions. Idaho’s first responders are among the best in the nation, we have to trust them to make the right choices. First responders have the ability to save us when they believe we are in danger. We should give them the same rights when it comes to our most beloved friends.”

Currently their is not protection for first responders who save animals by rescuing them from cars.  They can be prosecuted by local law enforcement officials for doing their jobs.  The 'Hot Dog Bill' or the Dog and Cat Rescue act would give them immunity from prosecution.


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