We hear it time and time again: housing costs are rising in the Treasure Valley and if we’re being completely transparent in how we feel about it… it sucks. Let’s just call it for what it is, it’s not a good thing but thankfully, there is one city in Idaho that is ranked one of the top areas where people can expect to pay the least for housing.

According to 247WallStreet.com, Pocatello ranks 39th in the country when it comes to paying the least for housing and according to Economic Policy Institute, monthly housing costs in the Pocatello metro area for two adults with two children is $782. Yes, monthly.

When looking at the data compared to Boise, that is $220 less in housing costs. Could anyone tell me where to find a place that’s around $782 a month in Idaho let alone $1,002 in Boise?

We searched through the most affordable places to rent in Pocatello to see just how close we can get to $782/month… spoiler: we didn’t find any under $900. We did, however, find one place that was just outside the price range and just outside of Pocatello. Let’s take a look!

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According to Economic Policy Institute, Pocatello has one of the lowest monthly housing costs in the country at $782/month. Here's the one property we found in that price range... just outside of Pocatello.

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