Let's face it teenagers today get a bad wrap. The misconception is that the majority of their time is spent playing video games online with their friends. Some are even accused of spending hours upon hours watching others playing video games. The popular sentiment is that they're couch potatoes that are constantly buried in their phones and or computers. While we've heard our grandparents tell tall tales of the times when they used to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow, we know that those stories aren't exactly true just like the generalizations of todays youth.

Having said all of that from time to time there is a story involving teenagers that makes me proud and Caleb and Ashley Joramo are at the center of this one. The 16 years old and her 13 year old brother jumped into action when their mother's car caught on fire.

"This was huge. If that car would have continued to burn before we got there and spread into the home, spread into the garage, we would have been a lot worse off," Boise Fire Chief Mark Niemeyer said in a ktvb interview." But because of their quick actions they kept that fire contained, we were able to put it out quickly and finish it off when we arrived. We were able to keep that from spreading to the home. This was really heroism at work."

A strong salute to the brother and sister team who received a Citizen commendation award from the Boise Fire Department. When Caleb was asked where he learned to use a fire extinguisher he replied "I read the instructions one day when I was bored."


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