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Idaho housing market better watch out cause 3D homes are here. As of December 2021, history was made with the first owner-occupied 3D-printed home. Built and funded by Habitat for Humanity, this home is changing the game on how houses are (no longer just will) be built.


What is a 3D home?


Now, you may be thinking, a 3D home sounds cool - but how exactly is it made? Is it safe? Is it Cheaper than building a regular home? Will we get them in Idaho?


Well, thanks to information from this article from we were able to break it down for you:


3D Printed Houses - What You Need to Know


According to 208 Properties, “From tiny houses to 3D-printed dwellings, affordable units and alternative building materials will become increasingly common around the Valley in the years to come.”

Want to see the 3D printed house yourself? Here is the video!


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