Recently Forbes Magazine ranked the 'most valuable' teams in college football.  As expected, the usual suspects among the Power 5 schools were represented.The criteria revolved around the simple business formula of money spent verses money taken in.  The top five programs are Texas A&M, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, and Ohio State.  However, what was missing from the story was who gets the best return on investment in college football?  The answer is Boise State University.

The Broncos continually outspent substantially by every Power 5 opponent they face on the gridiron.  For example, Oregon's athletic department spends around 120 million dollars, while Boise State's is just under 45 million.  On the field, the Broncos embarrassed the Ducks in last year's Las Vegas Bowl 38-28.

Saturday's opponent Oklahoma State Athletic Department's expenses total almost 90 million dollars.  Are the Cowboy's twice as successful as the Broncos in the last twenty years?  The answer would be no.  Vegas has Oklahoma State as a slight home favorite by 2.5 points.

Regardless of the outcome of Saturday's game, Boise State will continue to provide their fans and the country with an outstanding return on investment.

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