I can't say I didn't expect a different Easter weekend due to the home self-quarantine. I'm doing all the outdoor shopping for the family during this epidemic. My wife is ordering from everywhere and then I stop if it's important.

It's lucky I have a wife because Easter would have been something in a drive-thru or anything I could drop on a grill. Simple. That doesn't mean it would be good though 😂

My wife did all the ordering over the past few weeks that included the highest level of discounts. We don't spend money like that anyway but she finds those deals and we can get some pretty cute stuff for cheap. I think everyone is in the same place right now so we kept it simple.

This year was different though. The Easter Bunny just dropped a few eggs out front and mainly in back. We didn't meet up with family or friends as everyone is staying safe right now. My wife made a meal for Kat Fisher (my co-host in the morning) and I dropped that over but that's pretty much it. We spoke for a few minutes about the show on Monday and left things there. Wait, we did talk about Joe Exotic for a few minutes and the new episode for Tiger King that came out today.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I read that more people are losing jobs and in the next segment they talked about getting normal in Mid May. I think everyone is worried and it's just hard not to think of it. We're lucky to have our jobs but this is so unpredictable that we pray to keep them. We still have a ton of work to do in the Treasure Valley ❤️

Things were still a bit different this year as my wife is steady on my washing hands and changing clothes. She watches every move because I'm the only one leaving the house and all it takes is coming in contact with one person. We've had our share of health issues and the chance of spreading that dreadful virus to my wife or kids can't happen. We need this to get over with so the city can feel safe again. I'm ready to get out and help asap.

I wanted to share our little Easter as my son is now 5 years old and he was in tears at bed tonight.

Why are you so sad son? Easter is over and I don't know when it's gonna come back?

It went something like that but I was just focused on how sad that little guy got. We have a new little daughter and she ate everything. I've never seen anything like it. She doesn't really finish anything but it's the thought that someone isn't sharing it with her. She is so funny. My wife was a brilliant mother as usual while I just kept everyone occupied all day. I pray that you were able to celebrate yours and enjoy the family while quarantine is changing everything.

Notice my son isn't in a lot because he's getting over dad always snapping shots of him.

Easter 2020 Kekeluv Family


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