Facebook continues to be in the news for all the bad reasons.  Recently, the company agreed to pay the government a record settlement of 5 billion dollars involving privacy violations.  Facebook is one of the few unifying concerns that unite both Republicans and Democrats - that the social network has too much power.  As Facebook officials continue fending off privacy violation accusations, a report has surfaced that claims the Internet giant contracted outside help to transcribe recordings of users. Bloomberg news, citing "sources familiar with the matter," on Tuesday claimed Facebook hired workers to transcribe voice conversations users had while using the Messenger app. Facebook officials don't deny the charge.

Facebook would like to focus the world's attention on its recently announced entry in the crypto currency world.  However, Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency, has been met with enhanced criticism.  Despite the negative publicity, the company continues to grow listeners around the world.

They say the users in question had chosen the option to have their chats transcribed, and the company had brought in outside help to double-check the accuracy of the website's artificial intelligence transcription technology.

They say the project has ended and conversations are no longer being transcribed. Why would Facebook be interested in what its millions of users have to say? How could any company have the time to monitor everybody?

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