Fall means cooler temperatures and shorter days.

If you're like me, fall is your favorite season. I love all that fall brings, like cooler temperatures, pumpkins, falling leaves, the start of the holiday season, football, and more. I always feel like I'm coming alive in the fall after summer has beat me down with its heat.

Side note: I don't do well in the heat.

Woman hiking at Artist's Bluff in autumn
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But the approach of fall is always a sign that good things are coming. I've noticed a little difference in the way the air feels and how the light looks. I've also noticed that there is less light these day.

The days are getting shorter and if you've picked up on that, you are spot on. Of course, I did mention that the days were getting shorter to a friend the other day and she looked at me sideways. I guess I'm forever the fall optimist and I'm always looking for the first sign in the change of season.

Luckily, I have the National Weather Service to back me up.

fall leaves in idyllic landscape
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Recently, their branch in Fort Worth, Texas confirmed not just that there is less daylight each day, but we've already lost a lot of it. The summer solstice was on June 20. That was the longest day of the year and the one with the most amount of light. Since then, we've already lost one hour of daylight in each of our days.

This is happening all over the country.

Their findings were based on simply looking at sunrise and sunset times each day. These times are moving closer to each other the closer we get to fall. And currently it's an average of two minutes of daylight we're losing each day.

You can keep track of this yourself, if you wanted to. That way the next time you point out the shorter days and someone looks at you in a funny way, you'll have proof. For now, you can rest in the fact that I believe you and know exactly what you're talking about.

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