Well it is almost that time again. Time when most of the country springs forward an hour. Historically speaking the daylight savings was done for farmers to be able to take advantage of the most light during waking hours. Nowadays, even most farmers are not into daylight savings anymore and it is not having a big impact positively for anything. Sleep experts for years have raised the concern of the change on our internal clock, worrying that resetting it twice a year will and does have negative effects on our bodies.

I grew up in Sunny Tucson Arizona. It was hot, full of saguaros and the time didn't ever change. I distinctly remember visiting my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins when I was about 12 in St. Louis Missouri. We were there during daylight savings time. Being young and naïve to it, I thought everyone was playing a joke on me. I had never heard of anything like that and it made no sense at all.

According to en.us.com, "The only parts of the US that do not have Daylight Saving Time are Hawaii, most of Arizona, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. Arizona experimented with the change beginning in 1918, but decided to permanently opt out of the Daylight Savings Time in 1968."

Idaho may end up doing away with it after all but it depends. According to KTVB, "The Idaho legislature passed a measure in 2020 which was signed into law stating that if Washington makes daylight saving time its permanent time, then Northern Idaho will do the same."

Idahoans have spoken and here is what they have to say:

Laurie T.
Ditch it modern technology helps the farmers

Mindy G.
Ditch it! It’s actually been scientifically proven to cause medical issues such as heart attacks to increase.

Joseph C.
Keep it. For those of us that work ft it gives us time after work for our chores in yard and on our homes. I don’t care about winter months when we can’t work outside and can’t work on our homes anyway. It only makes sense to sleep when it dark and work and play when it’s light.

Tawnya D.
Keep it. It signals the start of the holidays and the start of summer....I have fond memories of changing all the clocks at my grandparents house.....and being late to church

Gary B.
Ditch it! It has always been stupid.

Aaron D.
Ditch it. It confuses international clients and contractors, and it is not consistent nationally. Not to mention it does not make any sense nowadays. Sure we get an extra hour of sleep in the fall, but studies show that in the spring when we lose an hour it has a negative sleep impact, especially in children. It's antiquated and needs to go.

Dawn G.
Get rid of it!

Suzette B.
Yes! Let’s get rid of it so it quits taking up the time of our politicians.

Tracey H.
Leave it as it is...thats as bad as wanting to change Halloween

Kasey M.
Freaking get rid of it. It does no one any good.

Jason W.
It is one the most pointless things we acknowledge.

Layne S.
This is a dumb idea. Unless its nation wide then don't do it. That's a mess waiting to happen.

Cheryl W.
Get rid of it. It’s pointless

David M.
Spring ahead an hour and leave it. I don't lile it getting dark so early.

Mindy P.
No. I love it being lighter after 5. Keep it to daylight savings time all year!!

Becky B.
Leave it on the time it is now. Its light way too late in the summer. After a year or two, no one would know the difference.

Derek S.
I think it should stay permanently it works better

Brittney D.
I don't understand why this is important... there are more important "bills" that need to be passed...ugh

Fred K.
Yes I agree. Changing twice a year is stupid! Most of the states are trying change is well.

Kat J.
It’s also hard on babies and kids and not needed in this day and age! I’d love to get rid of it!

Chris J.
Trash it!! Pointless!

Mary M.
Get rid of it!

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