After adding up each piece of my Halloween costume, I've determined that I'm going to wear the same outfit for the next five years!

One of the top trending costumes for women across the country this Halloween is the version of DC's Harley Quinn that appeared in the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad.  After putting off choosing a Halloween costume until the very last moment in 2015 (and ultimately being sexy Yoshi) I made the decision to be Harley immediately after seeing the movie.

Harley was such a larger than life character, I didn't want to cheap out on my costume.  There is a basic Harley costume for sale at multiple locations that includes a shirt attached to her jacket, shorts, belt and fishnets for $50.  I wasn't crazy about the shirt being attached to a jacket, so I tried to find some higher quality pieces to put together my look.

Final cost of my costume without shipping? $216.  Below is a look at the pieces I got, the price and where I got them.  The items from Amazon are killer quality (the jacket is super, super warm) but I got killed on shipping to have them in Boise in time for Halloween.  A lot of Harley pieces are showing standard delivery of November 1st-14th with the affordable standard shipping option.  You'll likely have to pick expedited shipping to get your costume to the Treasure Valley in time for our big cash at China Blue on October 29th.

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