The first thing is first, for better or worse I'm not into politics and this is not a political blog. Honestly, I was surprised by the amount of money that these candidates have spent leading up to "Super Tuesday" which I call "Super Taco Tuesday" mainly because this is what I think of when I think of Tuesdays. One of the alarming things was that some of these people continued spending huge amounts leading up to yesterday when they ended their campaigns. If I was someone who had contributed to a campaign and felt as if the funds were misspent, I would not be happy! Here is a perfect example from
Pete Buttigieg decided to distribute at least $100,000 in ads the day before ending his campaign in eleven states.
Amy Klobuchar, spent most of her $4.7 million over eight states. She ended her campaign on Monday, the day before Super Tuesday.
 Kantar Media/CMAG -- collects this data and this what they were reporting as of this morning.
Michael Bloomberg not only paid for TV ads in every state -- he leads in spending for every state by wide margins. He has spent $234 million thus far.
Bernie Sanders spent more than $18 million on ads, including $8.3 million in California. Bernie only spent $14,000 in his home state of Vermont.
Elizabeth Warren has only spent about $2.4 million on ads, most of it going to Texas, Colorado and Utah. However, with an $11.7 million assist from her super PAC -- Persist PAC -- she was able to cover 13 states with over $100,000 in advertising.
Joe Biden, coming off his win in South Carolina, has only paid for about $2.2 million in ads that mostly focused on six states. All of those states aside from California are in the South, where he enjoys a polling advantage.
Tulsi Gabbard has spent the majority of her $201,821 in just three states, but two of them are big markets: California and Texas.

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