Several years ago, radar detectors were one of the hottest consumer items sold in stores across the country.  Consumers would research which device was the best for avoiding those pesky speeding tickets.  Well, not we have the wonders of technology that could help you avoid getting that next speeding ticket.How did we ever survive without Google?  Life seemed so antiquated when one had to research everything the old fashioned way.  Now you can Google your way out of getting caught speeding or can you?

Michael Harriot at The Root points out that cops aren't too happy with Google since the tech giant decided to rollout the traffic and navigation app Waze on Google Maps.  Waze has long been criticized by law enforcement for allowing app users to report where police are located.

Waze is widely used so travelers can share info on car wrecks, traffic jams, lane closures and more, but cops worry that the tool will enable crime like theft and drunk-driving since criminals would know which areas to avoid.

Others say this will lead to more transparency between police and communities. Do you believe that giving Google Maps users the ability to share police locations will encourage crime?  Have you ever used Waze? Have you ever avoided the police or a speed trap after getting info from the app?


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