Have you ever had the honor of suffering through food poisoning? I'll be the first to tell you it's the absolute worst. I survived an entire year of COVID-19 without getting sick but I can't same the same for food poisoning. At a restaurant that will remain nameless, I could tell that my lunch wasn't as warm as I would have expected it to be one day. A few hours later, I noticed that my stomach was a little bit "more upset" that I would have liked and by the evening, I was sicker than I have ever been. The only sickness that rivaled this dose of food poisoning was my second Moderna dose!

No, I never went back to this place and no...they aren't even open for business anymore. Coincidence? Ok, I'll stop being salty.

If you're like me, going out for dinner from time to time is something that you look forward to and you have lots of options locally. Supporting local is especially important to everyone right now. No matter where you eat, though--from a local mom and pop restaurant to any one of the many McDonald's locations in the Treasure Valley--there ARE health standards for the food that you eat.

Did you know that you actually have the ability to check the health records at your favorite places?  From sanitary issues to food storage issues-- you might be surprised at what you do (or don't) find.

Central District Health REGULARLY inspects local food establishments and their findings are all public record that you can look up anytime online. From restaurants to bars, grocery stores to bakeries--it is ALL public.  I searched for a few of my favorite places only to find they all have very clean health records--now, I feel even better about going to these spots.

Interested in searching for YOUR favorite place?  Just type in the name of your restaurant in the top box, HERE.

Happy healthy eating and hopefully none of your favorite places are ruined.

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