Think about walking around in this 100 degree heat with a fur jacket. The hikes. The sun. The doggie heat strokes. Nope, we're not going there. Do these things to keep your pets cool this summer. 


At the end of June, a dog suffered a heat stroke while hiking. We are so used to our four-legged friends getting excited when we walk through the door and know they can cool themselves down by sticking their tongues out but when our temperatures are less than 10 degrees less than Death Valley, we've got a problem.


Easy Ways to Cool Your Pets

  • Keep your dog hydrated. Make sure your pooch drinks plenty of water. If he/she isn't drinking anything, drip water on to their tongue. If you have water in a bowl, maybe add a couple of ice cubes to keep the water chilly. Just a note: If you're headed outdoors, don't forget a water bottle for your dog.
  • Find the shade. Don't throw shade. Yeah, I just went there. If you do have to be outside or your pet is stir-crazy, find a large tree where your pet can be more comfortable. The shade from a tree or similar setting is better than a dog house which tends to attract the warm air and trap it.
  • Get wet from the bottom up. If you're not near a pool, a wet towel for your pet to lay on will help to cool them. If that's not available, wetting paws and tummies is a good idea. Investing in a kiddie pool is always a good idea. They are inexpensive and you may be able to trick your pooch into a bath.
  • Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere. If the pavement is too hot for you to touch with your hand, the pavement is too hot for your dog's or cat's paws/pads. Invest in some booties for them.
  • Chilly treats. Chill a chew toy for your four-legged friend or get a puppy popsicle. Yep, they're real.
  • Groom accordingly - shorter isn't always better. Talk to your vet. It may help your pet to be cut short in order to stay cool BUT it may be the opposite. Some dogs actually use their fur to stay cool in the summer. I know, go figure, right?
  • Make a DIY cooling blanket. I was searching through Pinterest (why wouldn't I) and saw this cooling blanket that can be used for pets in the hot weather. Genius!
  • Dig. Dogs aren't always misbehaving when they are digging. Sure, they could be burying a bone or your newest shoe that you swore was in the closet. They could also be digging up the ground to create a cool surface. Let it happen. This time.


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