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For some reason, I knew this blog was going to pop up at some point. I've been watching the evolution of the coronavirus precautions and it only made sense this would be coming soon.

The President's team said on Friday that might want to wear these masks when we head outside. President Trump said he wasn't but it might be a good idea for us. I have a personal feeling that it will become mandatory soon so it's better to be prepared now than later.

I've been watching online videos this week which gave me so many avenues to pick them up. You can get them from Etsy from thousands of people make them, local stores where hospitals employees buy regulars uniforms and in your own home. I guess this just depends on how creative you need to get in order to save your life.

Let's be honest. This is going to be the trend on social media for the next few weeks. Everyone is going to be showing off their skills and giving you the hot tips. Let's just get ready. My wife won't be going for any of that. I'm pretty sure she'll grab a white cloth and call it a day. We're all hoping that nobody has to wear them and pray it will be over asap.

My wife made one simple one that took her 2 minutes so you don't need to break the bank her. If all else fails you can always go to Joann's video for help!

Be safe!


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