How are you feeling about politics these days? It may be fair to say that no matter how much you love them--we're all a little tired of them and no, they aren't going anywhere for a while: election season is here.

So politics are in full swing and the signage is everywhere--what is there to do, but vote? It is our civic duty, it shapes our state and our greater society--and it's not a task to be taken lightly! So often you hear people push for voting "down the party line" but what kind of independent thought does that encourage?

We want to applaud our friends at Idaho Public Television for not only making the debates (of those candidates willing to participate) easily available online in both english and spanish for Idahoans seeking the conversations.

Want to see the candidates "face off"? It's a great opportunity to see candidates that you will be voting for--or at least seeing on a ballot--answer (or avoid) questions.

Check out the debates, HERE.


Here is just an example of what local Treasure Valley residents are saying online about the debates as they have aired-- it's fair to say Idahoans are engaged to say the least:




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