Like it or not, cuffing season has come to the Treasure Valley. Which means folks are looking to couple up and cuddle up for the holidays.

Before you dive right in, we have some intel we'd like to share. And it comes directly from women in the Treasure Valley. Wouldn't you love to know exactly what women are thinking when it comes to men in Boise? Wonder no longer.

Twitter has the answer.

Here's what women are saying about men in Boise in the Twitterverse:

Is it because too many men are wearing vests now? Are they too cheugy? Ugly facial hair? We really need a follow-up from Katherine.


Absolutely untrue. Have you seen Larry Gebert? All the proof this writer needs.


Oh boy. Well we certainly don't condone going out there and voluntarily ruining someone's life. Maybe just take her to Fork?


Now we're on to something. Brandi knows the good guys are out there, they're just in hiding! See we knew all along there was something fishy happening in the Boise foothills. All the hot guys are hiding there.


Not really sure what Edward is trying to convey here. The gay men in Boise are amazing! Maybe Edward is the one who has truly lost control. Perhaps he's trying to project onto others. This sounds like it could be an amazing Hallmark movie.


There you have it. The women (and men) of Boise have spoken, and it appears there isn't one consensus when it comes to the male population of the Treasure Valley. We'll have to do more research to get to the bottom of this...


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