I was on the phone with my friend Brad last night--my former boss in Spokane, Washington at iHeartMedia. He and my former group of radio stations have gotten behind a worthy cause and I hope you can join them, too.

The news spread fast and hit home at the hearts of parents and students across the country. Just over a week ago, the morning of Wednesday, September 17th, headlines of another school shooting were published. This time, north of Boise in Spokane, Washington. Tawsha Box is from Spokane and I spent 4 years on the radio and studying there...it definitely felt strange to think this kind of strategy had hit a community I called home for a number of years.

In an effort to simply salute the student killed and remember him for years to come, KISS 98.1 in Spokane, Washington and Brad Miller the Program Director have spearheaded an effort to rename a portion of State Highway 27 after the incident.

Sam Strahan, the student who stood up to the shooter without having any backup was killed. It is after Sam, they hope to petition Gov. Jay Inslee to rename.  Sam Strahan Memorial Highway is the proposed name.

Brad told me that so far, their efforts have been well received. KISS 98.1 isn't asking for any donations--just for your support. It was a heroic act that Sam Strahan took on that morning.

To sign the petition, which has now garnered over 5,000 signatures, click HERE.

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