This is far from the type of thing I enjoy writing about and unfortunately, it has happened right here in Boise. Over 600 employees at a large call center were let go.

We've done several events with Sykes Corporation before--the call center that was forced to make this decision. According to an article in the Idaho Press Tribune, a client of Sykes' had a change in business needs meaning less of a work force was needed.

Sykes serves as a call center for a various amount of large corporations so a cut from a client means the call center just doesn't need the man power anymore, unfortunately.

The good news here is that the worker let go weren't left with nothing. In an effort to help workers find new sources of income, the employees who were let go will be give pay and benefits for the next 60-days.

This layoff is the largest to take place in Boise since another call center laid off 1,600 workers in 2014.

Know of a place looking for new employees? Leave us a comment and let's get the word out!

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