Ok, let's just address the elephant in the room...YES, the resident latino at 103.5 KISS FM is writing about tacos. Can you blame me!?

Growing up, my little abuela would make me homemade tacos all the time--and these things were next level. Homemade tortillas and a combination of literally anything leftover in the fridge or on the shelf of the pantry. Ground beef, vegetables, salsas, you name it--something about these HOME crafted and "unconventional" tacos will always be the best I'VE ever had. With abuela living in Texas these days, I don't get those treats as often anymore.

That said, I have found a handful of places across the Treasure Valley that serve some unreal tacos...but I'm always on the search for more.  Here are my top 3--what are yours?

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    Imelda's Coffee Casa

    2414 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell

    Looking for authentic tacos that are the closest thing to homemade you'll find in the area? Try Imelda's in Caldwell. Locally owned and operated--this place can't be beat. Tell them Mateo sent you!

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    Tin Roof Tacos

    115 Broadway Ave, Boise

    A very different style than I'm used to, Tin Roof offers a "Tex-Mex" feel to their tacos. Like spicy food? Go for their hottest salsa--it makes things much better. Pro tip: the breakfast tacos may sound like something you don't normally order--TRY THEM.

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    El Gallo Giro

    615 W Main St, Boise

    It's all about location with El Gallo Giro--downtown tacos that are even available when the bars close? Yep--sign me up. These street-style tacos are fantastic (whether you've been drinking, or not) and I totally recommend the Al Pastor!

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