We finally took the big step today and got our son Lennox a bicycle. Oh, FYI - Bikes aren't that cheap yo! I'm sure most of you already know that but I'm a new dad. This is definitely some rookie dad stuff.

Luckily, I found the first bike that should last Lennox until the end of Summer if his height doesn't shoot right up. Big shout out to the mild Winter. It was 55 degrees today baby and more of that all week.

What is this bike already? The problem is our son is just a tiny little bit and he needs something with pedals his feet can reach. I realized that unless I wanna pay $80 bucks for a bike that he will outgrow by the time he figures it out - we found the balance bike.

The balance bike doesn't have any pedals and is perfect for that 2-3 year old depending on size. It's just a sit and balance bike. I found this at Fred Meyer for $34.99 and it's pretty simple to assemble with a wifey. I seriously struggled getting it together - I give the credit to the angel 😀

You can find these bikes anywhere and after looking while posting this it seems like Fred Meyer's price is the cheapest. That's not where it ends though. You need the helmet and the pads which put you at about $70 bucks. It was worth watching my boy riding his bike like a big boy. I love this kid so much and he's really overcoming his health issues. Just in love with him exploring new things.

I'd love to see your pictures which your kids along the way. Lennox is our first and watching him today was amazing. Lennox took his first fall today and his response as he picked himself up off the concrete, "The Darth Vader pads protected me, daddy."

You can find these bikes anywhere but if you're looking online make sure to search, "balance bikes." I just did that same search and the bikes were 50% more expensive. Peep Fred Meyer first (I'm not getting paid to tell you that - it's legit.)

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