I Have An Incurable Condition

You feel fine but you schedule an appointment for something you think is cosmetic, the appointment day comes and you show up only to learn that what you thought was a visit for something cosmetic is actually an incurable condition.

There I was in the medical office with a big smile on my face, finally I was going to get these silly sun spots removed from my forehead. In comes the esthetician and immediately after she takes one look at me she says… How long have you had Melasma? In shock I respond “ What is that” she looks at me and realizes this is the first time anyone has informed me that I have this incurable condition.  As she explains it to me, I’m filled with emotions, I’m shocked, puzzled, concerned and definitely relieved that she was able to quickly diagnose before I received any treatment that could worsen my condition. Let’s put this in perspective, while my condition is incurable, it is far from deadly and it’s actually strictly cosmetic.

The reason, I wanted to share this with you is so that maybe after reading this you might stop and for one minute be thankful for the most precious gift we all have… our health. We live our lives as if our time and health is unlimited, the truth of the matter is that life and health are both limited, they both end and in my opinion we should cherish them as if someday they were going to end… because they are.


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