Guilt, stress, and anxiety-- all of these things have come along with being vaccinated. Fully vaccinated, that is.  I was vaccinated, TWICE, and I think that I regret it.

As I write this, I'm at my desk--exhausted. On Friday night I was out late because of a Baby Bash concert. On Saturday, I had to host two nightclubs in downtown Boise. After jumping back into my work week, I've hosted a Hump Night at Humpin' Hannah's and just yesterday spent a couple of hours pumping gas into cars in Meridian. We're back to full speed, Treasure Valley.

I'm not ready for it!

The anxiety of getting ready to go out downtown is insane! I've grown so accustomed to staying in on the weekends and spending time with my cat. I can hardly comprehend doing more than one major "gathering" or "thing" anymore!  When I walk into a business that allows fully vaccinated people to drop their masks, I wear one anyway because I'm too stressed that someone will think I'm lying about my vaccination status! Do I need to carry my card with me to prove it!?

I'm not ready to be at all of these fun things-- bar nights, concerts, gatherings, festivals, and more.  I love them--but wow, resting, napping, and spending time with my cat was fun.

I have no idea how I'm going to rally. Being socially distant for me, an introvert, came so easy.  Can't we just go back to staying 6-feet away from one another? Things were so much easier then...

I'm fully vaccinated and I regret it--take me back to when I could sleep 8-hours a night, man!

Sincerely in sarcasm,



Note: Before you call me names on social media, I hope that you will pick up on the satirical nature of this article. I believe and trust in science. I was fully vaccinated by my own choosing and doing so has allowed me to see my grandparents, gather with friends, travel again, and do the things that I love. I respect everyone's decision to receive or pass on the vaccine--but am humbled to have been a part of receiving mine.

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