Today is National Ride Your Bike To Work Day and I'll be honest: I drove. My schedule today was a little too hectic to be on a bicycle, but I live to close to the office there's no reason I should have to drive EVERY day. So, this in mind already this week, I tried to ride my bike to work yesterday.

Yes, I'm alive. No, it didn't go as planned.

I woke up earlier than normal to peddle into work and I was feeling great. The weather was nice, the fresh air was great, it just wasn't even a matter of minutes before a huge city bus honked at me to get out of the way. What a "GOOD MORNING" that was. I walked into work panting and sweaty. Not my typical form. But I felt great.

Can we talk about my ride home? I get off the air late so there is my first problem: no headlight on my bike. There weren't many cars on Parkcenter so it wasn't an issue except for the fact that I couldn't see... Apparently I peddled too close to some geese and their babies. Mama goose wasn't having it and came right at me hissing, wings flapping, TOTALLY in the dark. I crashed. I wasn't one of my finer moments. And no, I can't make this story up.

The original reason I rode my bike in, despite all of the "adventure" I didn't expect, was because I figure the emissions my car is putting into our Boise air just isn't necessary. Sometimes, on days like today-- I need a car to get around. The attitude that me, just one person not driving, won't actually "help" just drives me insane. I think we can all find ways to cut back out footprint on the air and earth in general.

Happy National Bike To Work Day-- I'd totally recommend you try sometime!

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