The annual child abuse prevention campaign, "Live For 175" is over. The challenge is to keep the message alive and I'm still getting messages of defeat. My last DM, "I wanna die." What do you do? Read this.


YOU are NOT alone if you've ever thought about dying. There is no doubt that at some point in your life this crosses your mind. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on in your mind and that doesn't make you mental if leaving for good has come across a brain cell or two. Acting upon your those devastating fears is a completely different thing.

I've had several death threats called into my show and via social media. Let's start by saying a threat is to NEVER be taken as a bluff. You MUST always assume that person is willing to die right then. Call the police. I promise that you don't want to live with that burden for the rest of your life wondering what if. Michelle Heart and I prolonged an attempt just enough for authorities to show up at this listeners work, find the gun, and get this person some help. I received a call from him years later with a thank you and reassurance that he was leaving work to kill himself if we hadn't taken him seriously by calling him.

I know of one female in the hospital that made the decision on her own after Live For 175 to admit herself. I also know we lost a high school kid during our event that was happy on the outside and sad on the inside. We failed him. Completely failed this kid, his family, and all of his classmates.

Please check out this list of great resources for suicide prevention and abuse. I would plead with you to have a conversation with your teens today. Please remember this phrase, "Tomorrow could be too late." I came across a song that is the #3 streamed across the Treasure Valley and the title is what caught my attention.

1-800-273-8255 is the title and the number for the national suicide prevention hotline. The artists on this track are Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid. This song is being called an anthem for suicide prevention and I think it's imperative that you share it. Logic's fans taught him a lesson that our Treasure Valley listeners taught me a long time ago. These fans taught him that his music is more than a track title or ranking on a chart. Logic's songs have saved his fans lives. Period. I love in this interview below where he says that it was at that point where he wondered, "...what if I devoted one album and TRIED to save lives? How many lives could we save if I actually tried?"

Please watch this video. The beginning originally turned me off because his lyrics says he wants to die. I didn't listen. That beginning is....well the song gets better. Listen all the way through.

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