If there's one thing that Boise can always get behind--it's supporting our own. As Boise continues to grow, we see more and more that the national spotlight loves Boise and frankly--we think that we look pretty great under that spotlight, too.

From the likes of Kellen Moore to the mania that always surrounds Aaron Paul, we know and claim our local stars as our prides and joy.

Could two Boise men soon be the next big stars from town? It's entirely possible as just last week we reported that these long-time friends in Boise have made the cut and will be featured on The Amazing Race.

Known as one of television's most long-standing and exciting 'reality' shows, the several week-long adventure leads duos through insane global challenges as camera crews follow them (and the drama that always ensues) the whole way. This season, two men from Boise will be on the show!!

Joel and Garrett will certainly be known for their beard and mustache looks--as the 35th season of The Amazing Race takes to millions of screens across the country.

Perhaps the biggest screen? Boise's iconic Egyptian Theatre.  In the heart of downtown Boise, this theatre will be hosting a watch party for the public to watch WITH Joel and Garrett! What a great opportunity!

Just days ago, the iconic theatre held a massive watch party for 'Napoleon Dynamite'--however this one was special as the actual stars from the movie were in the building! 

Behind The Scenes of Napoleon Dynamite

If you have ever watched the "Director's Cut" of your favorite show or movie, you know how insightful seeing "the process" is, behind the scenes. Now, a behind the scenes look at Napoleon Dynamite has surfaced and the internet is in love! Check out some highlights and the video itself, below!

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