When it comes to loyalty here in Idaho, few understand that more than fans and alumni of the University of Idaho.  A school that is known best for its law program--and not for sports--still bleeds black and gold no matter the outcome of any sporting event.

Perhaps you've seen it before--the indoor venue in which the University of Idaho football program plays. Many say that it looks like a beer can, laying on its side.

Beer? At the University of Idaho? Say it isn't so.

Let's take a look at the iconic football dome!

KIbbie Dome Photos

The Kibbie Dome has once again gained national attention thanks to ESPN. We look at Idaho's 'unique' facility in this photo gallery.

Have you ever been to the Kibbie Dome? 

News just today has shared that the dome now has a major sponsor:

  Perhaps the most humorous reaction was from a Twitter account that is named after the dome itself: "New Sugar Daddy Incoming" they said. And that's the truth. The University of Idaho will be receiving 

Fans and boosters couldn't be more excited!


Some new foes and familiar faces await the Broncos.

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