There are certain things that just make Nampa special here in the Treasure Valley. Is it the smell? That makes it unique. Special is definitely the tall, iconic water tower.

For over 50 years, the tall Nampa water tower has been a staple of anyone's drive on Interstate 84 and residents know and love the retro look! Even if you aren't going to Nampa, thanks to that tower you know that you're going to be passing it!

Just today, images are surfacing of the tower coming down and Nampa is in their feels!

Here's a look at the big water tower going down!

Nampa's Iconic Water Tower Comes Down For Good

So many are sad to see the Nampa tower gone that has stood for over 50 years! Here's a look at its last stand.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Will you miss seeing the Nampa water tower? Sure, there's a replacement but it will never beat the big one! 

If you're wondering where all of the water went--you aren't alone. As we were looking at all of the comments online about the Nampa water tower, several people had that exact same question. The City of Nampa was quick to respond!

According to the City of Nampa, residents shouldn't see a difference in their water or their water pressure-- last week the water was drained from the tower.

Where did it go? We aren't entirely sure. Does it even matter? There's a brand new water tower going in in 2025! It won't be totally tall and iconic but it will be new and the City of Nampa is clearly ready for it! It's going to look like a flat cylinder with a nice new paint job.

It's Time We Talk About This Awful Nampa Intersection

We're all for being patient, attentive drivers--but this intersection in Nampa is totally annoying and completely unnecessary. We'd like to talk to the city planner? Here's a look...

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Total Brawl Breaks Out in Nampa McDonald's

When you think of McDonald's you may think of things like play centers and Happy Meals but at this Nampa McDonald's, a far from normal day took place recently. According to the folks that shared with video with us, some teenagers were causing all sorts of trouble inside of a Nampa Micky D's and it got taken to a whole new level. After viewing the video for yourself, you will find yourself wondering what on earth could have been going on in there, as well.

Someone call WorldStar...

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM


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