It's about that time of year when the sun is up--and stays up--for what feels like ALL DAY LONG. Here in the Treasure Valley, once we turn that corner and leave winter, there's no going back for a while. We get a lot of sunshine and many are even going to be while the sun is still up! Some call it a blessing, others call it a curse. It's just reality.

With this sunshine comes some really great things, however. As soon as it's warm and sunny enough (which is often a stretch, let's be honest) just about every restaurant in town opens up their patios and Boise residents go absolutely insane for the outdoor dining and drinking. Take for example the sheer amount of concerts that pop up in the summer--it's simply the season of fun.

One Idaho fair will be capitalizing on the fun in the sun, for sure.

Iconic hip hop artist and DJ, Lil Jon, has announced he will be invading the North Idaho Fair. 

The concert will be taking place on August 23rd--and earlier in the week, the fair will be hosting the likes of Chase Rice for country music lovers!

For more info click HERE.

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We totally expect many, many more concerts to be announced as we get further into the year. The Western Idaho Fair has had plenty of great lineups over the years as well--here's a look back! 

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