Planning a trip to Salt Lake City this summer?

You may want to leave the six pack at home.

"It's time for Idahoans to rethink their vacation plans" reads an ad in Tuesday's Idaho Statesman. The ad, paid for by the American Beverage Institute, takes a shot at Utah's new law that makes .05 B.A.C. the legal limit throughout the state. If that seems a little low, it is. .05 is the lowest blood alcohol concentration level in the country.

The ABI is accusing the new law of making criminals out of social drinkers, and they say it'll severely damage Utah's booming tourism industry. Also, the ABI believes Utah isn't attacking the problem a legal driving limit is supposed to address. ABI Managing Director Sarah Longwell says:

What’s most disappointing is the Utah legislature is missing an important opportunity to target the hardcore drunk drivers who cause the vast majority of traffic fatalities. Most fatalities related to alcohol occur at levels more than 3 times Utah’s new arrest level. While focusing on attacking responsible consumers—not to mention vacationers—they ignore the dangerous alcohol-abusing fringe.

Currently, the legal driving limit in Idaho is .08.


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