Congratulations, Idaho. I think the results of this survey call for a real big smile!

WalletHub, a site that often prides itself on providing lists and statistic to consumers on almost everything, has dug into dental health, dental habits, and which states in the country have the best--statistically.

Here's the scoop-- Idaho ranks among the top, but just how high?  WalletHub took into consideration several factors to represent stats for the whole State of Idaho. Everything from how many Dentists there are per capita, the share of adults that went to the dentist in the past year, to work absence due to an oral condition and sleeping problems due to an oral condition. Clearly, they dove deep.

Well, with Idaho ranking #4 at the "Highest percentage of adolescents who visited a Dentist in the past year", it seems fitting that overall, we rank #10 for BEST Dental Health in the United States!In fact, all states ahead of us are much further East--Best in the West anyone?

When it comes to dental habits and care, Idaho doesn't fare so well--ranking 25th.

Congrats, Idaho--show off those good teeth and smile!  Oh--and don't forget to keep brushing and flossing.

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