It's a trend that has taken the country by storm: vaping. Spend any time just about anywhere and you're going to see one in someone's hand--often being gripped like it's the lifeblood of the user. Some look like flash drives, others like pacifiers--these days you just don't know what to expect from the devices.

Frequently labeled as "better than smoking", the vaping trend continues to prove dangerous by medical professionals around the globe and it isn't stopping teens and adults alike from using them.

Just this afternoon, it was announced by the Attorney General of the State of Idaho, Lawrence Wasden, that a $438.5 million agreement between JUUL and 34 individual states and territories has resolved an investigation into the e-cigarette manufacturer's marketing and sales practices. The brand, JUUL, has been for the longest time, one of the most popular vaping brands.

What does this mean for Idaho? Well, it means a lot of cash.

Of those 34 individual states and territories, Idaho is one, which means we're getting a slice of the pie as well.

The check won't be small--there's a lot of money headed to the State of Idaho: to the tune of $8.3 million.

What will the State of Idaho use this money for? We haven't heard just yet. There are just under 2 million residents in the State of Idaho and with over $8.3 million on the way in, maybe every Idahoan could get a few bucks and some change? Or, perhaps it all goes towards education? We will see, soon

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