If you've never seen it--no matter your thoughts on politics or the book from which it was created--it may well be one of the most intense and addictive television series' made in years. The Hulu Original, 'Handmaid's Tale' is based off of the dystopian novel titled the same, and paints a picture of society in the United States that is completely taken over by religious fascism. Characters in the movie attempt to escape what was once the United States and get to Canada for safety. This all goes on during a time of decreased fertility rates, so women are totally controlled, used as nothing more than reproductive "vessels" and essentially have no rights.

Following a law in Idaho that Governor Brad Little recently signed--many individuals and advocacy groups are calling Idaho the next "Handmaid's Tale". Now, commercials being ran depict a very dramatic and terrifying scene.

Take a look at the video for yourself: 

Commercial Depicts Idaho As New 'Handmaid's Tale'

A dramatic and heart-wrenching commercial is being seen around Idaho following Brad Little's signing of new abortion legislation.
See the video below:

It's a dramatic portrayal of what many believe to be unconstitutional. 

The abortion trafficking bill is one that would charge any person who helps a minor get an abortion or abortion medication without parental consent can be charged with a Felony. Many fear that because of the strict anti-abortion laws in Idaho, women of any age seeking the medical procedure will go to Idaho's neighboring states: Oregon or Washington.

Legal experts say that this law may cross a federal line of unconstitutionality-- if an out-of-state resident comes into Idaho to transport someone back out of state of an abortion--could Idaho law really penalize them? What about medical doctors and clinics that preform the procedure? Idaho law probably cannot reach across to medical professionals that are legally practicing in their own respective states.

View the entire commercial that is being ran about these "abortion trafficking laws", below: 

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