As we reported Thursday, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare issued the Crisis Standards of Care for the entire state of Idaho. The Idaho Hospital Association held a teleconference explaining how the implementation of the standards will impact patient care.  

A group of doctors and administrators expressed their frustration with the misinformation concerning the Covid vaccine. They repeatedly urged Idahoans to get the vaccine to help alleviate the dire situation throughout the state. Doctor Jim Souza, Chief Physicians Executive at Saint Luke's, stated how bad things are in Idaho Hospitals.

"I think the only thing that could make things worse is to act like this is not happening. It most definitely is happening. We know how to stop it. If you went out and got a vaccine today, it's not going to help us for weeks. But it would be a start. Until then, wearing a mask in public, not around your immediate family, could help very quickly. Avoid crowds; it's a good piece of basic advice. We sound like broken records. We've been at this long enough we can get pretty good at our predictions."

Doctor Souza predicted that even if the rate of rise stabilized this week, 9,000 Idahoans would be infected with Covid. He went referenced the likely hood of the unvaccinated Idahoans needing the dwindling ICU beds. The doctors were asked if they would lobby for restrictions on public gatherings. They said they don't make public policy but would support those policies.  

After the teleconference, retired Saint Luke's CEO Doctor David Pate Spoke with KTVB's Brian Holmes and Joe Parris. Pate criticized Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, who held a forum with Doctor Ryan Cole Tuesday at the capitol. "The misinformation is huge, and that's why I was outraged when the second-highest official in our state, the lieutenant governor, while you heard what these hospitals have been dealing with, what is she doing? She's holding a conference to spread misinformation and disinformation. Absolutely inexcusable, and may God have mercy on these people's souls."

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