My 8 year old boy LOVES the show America's Funniest Home Videos. Although it has changed quite a lot since I was young, I vividly remember watching it often with my sisters. The show has been around for decades and is ABC's longest-running primetime entertainment show.  With an updated set, logo (AFV!) and host the show still has new weekly episodes and thousands of Americans still sending in videos. AFV is on its 32nd season and has aired 700 episodes to date. It is now syndicated in over 50 countries around the world. The current host is Alfonso Ribeiro. Alfonso has a big list of Broadway and TV performances on his resume but is probably best known as Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

According to, "AFV offers a weekly $10,000 first place prize to the funniest or most unusual video as voted upon by the in-studio audience. Those prizewinners then move on to the next competition round where they vie for a $100,000 prize. In its 30 seasons to date, AFV has given away over $16 million in prize money and evaluated more than 2 million videotapes from home viewers."

My boy was watching a recent episode yesterday (available on HULU) and I heard them announce one of the winning videos was from an Idaho family. I immedicably ran in to out TV room to check it out.

AFV Idaho Falls wins 3rd, Photo by Nikki West
AFV Idaho Falls wins 3rd, Photo by Nikki West

According to Idaho videos have been featured 16 times and in the 32 seasons, had one Grand Prize Winner. Here is the list:

Idaho 6/16 Finalists & 1 Grand Finalist
Boise- First Tooth Excuse(s25)

Boise- Kiss On The Commode(s23)

Chubbuck- Bug-A-Boo(s15)

Hayden Lake- Preening Teen(s2)*

Idaho Falls- Spoiled Shirt Secret(s32)

Malta- Little Swashbuckler(s13)

Meridian- Sippy Cup Sitter(s27)

Meridian- The Dog, The Door & The Diss(s27)

Mountain Home- Centipede Surprise(s25)

New Plymouth- Soggy Science Project(s23)

Post Falls- Stocking Stuffer(s13)

Rigby- Baffled About Baby(s31)

Sandpoint- Crooning Calamity(s18)

Sandpoint- No Barking Zone(s17)

St Anthony- Golfer Who Takes A Tumble(s1)

Twin Falls- Snake Scare(s3)

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