Nearly six months ago, we shared with you the news that Idaho Governor Brad Little was going to be making a big investment in mental health.

Gov. Little to Invest $50 Million For Idahoan’s Mental Health

Again today, news of investment in mental health came from the Office of The Governor of The State of Idaho, Brad Little.  The goal of this investment in mental health is a hope that it will cut back on crime, by offering folks that might be getting into trouble the help that they need to better themselves and their situations. In a press release, Governor Little shared:

Idaho is made an even better place to live when we can improve safety in communities across our great state.  My ‘Leading Idaho’ plan for enhanced behavioral health resources for Idahoans is making Idaho safer while helping those in need and saving taxpayer dollars in the long run.


The investment isn't small, as $2.5 million worth of funding is headed towards the appropriate departments through a new "Pre-prosecution Diversion Grant Program".

Director of the Idaho Department of Correction, Josh Tewalt shared:

This program will reduce crime, help people turn around their lives and save taxpayer dollars, by investing in drug treatment and mental health services on the front end we can avoid spending money on prosecution, incarceration and community supervision on the back end.


While this grant won't change everything for applicable Idahoans in need, it is a step in the right direction when it comes to needed resources.

For more information on the program, click HERE.

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