Oh, Idaho. You love to complain, you love to have opinions, and apparently--you love to break the law? We say these things sarcastically, of course, however one traffic law is allegedly being ignored so often, that the Governor of the State of Idaho, Brad Little, is speaking up!

No it isn't speeding, although we see plenty of you out there doing it! It also isn't texting and driving or failing to buckle your seat belt.

October 20th and 21st are officially 'Move Over Law Day', during which the Governor hopes to increase awareness and remind the public that if there's an emergency vehicle behind you that needs to get to the scene of a crime to the location of a medical incident--you need to move over.

So many times we've seen ambulances or fire engines stuck behind cars that don't hear or see them--they aren't pulling over and those first responders have places to be!  Imagine being on the other side and needing to call 9-1-1 for someone that you love. You want those first responders to be there immediately!

These move over laws also apply to getting out of the way when you see a stopped emergency vehicle on the shoulder of our roads and highways. Work is taking place--they shouldn't be fearing for their lives as you zip by--all too close to them.

Idahoans have plenty of opinions on traffic laws--especially when it comes to speed. Here's a look at some roads that, according to your feedback, need a speed limit change! 

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